piątek, 16 listopada 2007

Krasnolud yaki yest.... A dwarf is, as...

Już kilka lat minęło ładnych od kiedy krasnoludy leżą w szufladzie. Odkurzyłem i pokazuję.
Some years have passed since I've drawn dwarves, so now off the drawer and for your viewing here (translations below the picture).
The title says 'The dwarf is as you can see'.

The parade of our heroes.

1. Look Axon, a dragon! 2. Charge the bastard! Har! Har! 3. I'm a sort of an unnatural dwarf...

1. Bartender! Devil's heat, one bottle! 2. Careful with that, Mikha! One sip burns your guts, not mentioning two... 3. I'm not that stupid, I use it to clean my axe.

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