niedziela, 23 marca 2008

Haynoovka - Mochnate

I was wondering if English-speaking readers of my Drawer (yes, all two of you!) will forgive me for not translating the 'Haynoovka' strips. It is kinda 'you need to be here' thing, so explaining what is Mochnate and why the idea of Haynowka having its own aquapark is funny would take way too much time... So, no translations of this one, ok?

niedziela, 16 marca 2008


Haynoovka to seria jednoobrazkowych historii z najlepszego miasteczka na ziemi, ukazująca się raz w tygodniu w lokalnym dzienniku.
Haynoovka is a series of one-picture stories from the best town in the world. It is published weekly in the local newspaper.